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Collection of full screen panoramas

A series of full-screen panorama images of various places in Switzerland, Argentina and the Western USA.
One of my favorite panoramas is taken inside the Grossmünster in Zürich, Switzerland.

Collection of swiss panoramas

A series of panorama images from Switzerland
One of my favorite panoramas is taken from Fuorcla Surlej, Corvatsch, Switzerland.

Impressions from the Engadin

Various image galleries from the upper Engadin.
Sometimes the full moon soaks the valley in magnificent light such as during the first full-moon in march named "Chalanda Glüna Plaina" and that keeps me going all night.

The Spirit of Curling

Playing curling open-air is as much fun as competition. It's the best party-sport to avoid long lift lines.
The best proof that this century-old sports tradition stays alive are the many juniors competing at the World Junior Curling Championships each year held in one of the curling nations.

White Turf - Horse Racing

Every year - since 1907 - on the first three Sundays in February St. Moritz hosts the White Turf horse race on the frozen Lake named 'San Murezzan'.

Opéra - St.Moritz 

Opera St. Moritz fosters young highly talented artists by presenting various ensembles and seldom performed works by great masters in small venues allowing the audience to experience a world of opera close-up.

Body Painting Festivals

The art of body painting is a very short lived life happening lasting for a few hours only until it gets washed off.
The World Body painting Festival in Seeboden, Austria started in 1998 and has evolved to the Mecca of Body painting.

US-West Impressions

For the past few years I have been roaming to the US-West mostly because I like the vast landmasses with its exciting vistas and geologic formations and last but not least the solitude easily to be found here.
There are many great locations to be found in abundance and the Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness area between Page, Arizona and Kanab, Utah is among my favorites.

Special Subjects

This section represents panoramas, pictures image galleries about selected uncategorized, special subjects.

Garden Impressions

Gardens provide a stunning variety of colors and shapes in combinations of water, trees, flowers, rocks and sometimes animals.


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