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The Panorama Calculator

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The Calculator for a Panorama is designed to produce the neccessary values for properly displaying a panoramic image in a PTviewer Window.
Measure your image and enter the values into the form provided below. The Panorama Calculator will produce the values you may enter in your WEB-page showing panorama images using PTviewer v.3.1.2 with PTroi.class or PTzoom.class. Both classes have been designed to display a partial panorama with limited field of view using the PTroi or PTzoom extension of PTViewer.
PTViewer displays the Panorama according to the defined parameters. The result generated here sets the parameter "Tilt" to 0 and "Pan" to -25.

Important Notice: The tool and code provided here render useless since there are far better options to display panaoramas.

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Input - Panorama Source Image Information

  Enter the values of your panoramic image Range Status
WEB-output: Show the XHTML-code
Image Width: Pixels - Width of your Image. 2-5 digits
Image Height: Pixels - Height of your image. 2-5 digits
Horizontal Field of View (hFoV): Degrees - realistic anlge-width of the whole image. Can be approximative: 1° <= 'hFoV in Degrees' <= 360° 1-3 digits
Horizonline: Pixels - measured from top of image. For a centered Horizon enter half the height. 3-6 digits
Width of PTviewer Window: Pixels 2-4 digits
Height of PTviewer Window: Pixels 2-4 digits
Filename: alpha-numeric_1.jpg 5-20.jpg digits

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